Protesters Gather in Streets Despite Overnight Curfew in Baghdad

Student protesters honked car horns and blared loud music in the streets of Baghdad on Monday night, appearing to defy the army and ignore an overnight curfew.

Iraqi authorities had ordered people to stay off the streets between midnight and 6 a.m. after another day of fierce anti-government demonstrations.

At least three more people were killed and more than 100 hurt Monday in clashes between marchers and police, who responded with tear gas.

Parliament's approval of a bill to cancel privileges and bonuses for senior politicians, including the president, prime minister and Cabinet ministers, did little to calm the marchers.

Students and other protesters are angry at alleged corruption, a slow economy and poor government services, despite Iraq's oil wealth.

Students are boycotting classes and demanding the government resign.

The latest wave of violent protests in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities has killed at least 72 people since Friday. This is on top of the nearly 150 people killed during marches earlier this month.

by via Voice of America - English