Man out $75000 after cryptocurrency stolen

Crypto, Coinbase, Bitcoin. Words that leave some people saying, huh? And others saying, it's gonna make me rich. Matthew Pilieci, cryptocurrency  ...

US Patent Awarded to KRNC Blockchain, for Technology to Upgrade US Dollar

“It lets them start using DApps without having to buy any cryptocurrency .” On blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, users must mine or purchase ...

Cryptocurrency Prices on June 22: Bitcoin hits two-week low; Dogecoin plunges 25%

The cryptocurrency market turned bearish on Monday after China asked several banks and payment firms to ramp up their crypto trading crackdown.

Equalisation levy could make life more taxing for cryptocurrency buyers

Since most cryptocurrency exchanges have not paid this levy, the taxman's scrutiny now means that customers may have to cough this up, experts said.

You can now buy, sell cryptocurrency at some HE-Bs

Von Biedenfeld said each coin is bought or sold through a blockchain transaction, which is basically a permanent and public digital ledger that tracks the ...

Why China is cracking down on Bitcoin

Market watchers suspect that miners and other crypto-affiliated ... on Shopify, which just inked an affiliate marketing deal with some major publishers.

HEB is Accepting Cryptocurrency at Some of Its Stores in Texas

Great news for fans of crypto - some H-E-B stores are installing cryptocurrency kiosks that give you the option of using digital dollars like Bitcoin, ...