Fixing Data Slowdowns Without Breaking the Bank

Fixing Data Slowdowns Without Breaking the Bank

Fixing Data Slowdowns Without Breaking the BankIn this year’s Open Source Data Management Software survey, we asked organizations “What issues have you experienced in the last 12 months?” The main issue, flagged by three-quarters of respondents, was performance.

Given the adverse impact that data slowdown has on business performance – especially during high traffic events – effectively managing them is essential for organizations looking to improve overall performance.

In a world where information is expected immediately, maintaining performance can be costly. Companies are embracing the cloud to speed up access to data, reduce slowdowns, and improve performance. But, in a cloud environment, the more data you need, the more you pay. Costs can quickly spiral out of control.

What if you could speed up performance and scale your systems, thereby lowering costs?

One way to minimize data slowdowns is to tune and optimize your systems. Unfortunately, many companies are instead scaling and tuning by credit card, rather than optimizing their code and tuning the underlying infrastructure.

Taking time to tune and optimize can significantly reduce your risk of data slowdowns and improve performance, as well as generating major cost reductions. Through proper database management, we’ve seen some companies cut their cloud hosting bills in half.

With the holiday season fast approaching, is your database ready for a huge workload spike? Can it handle a high traffic scenario?

If you don’t know the answer, download the full article to bring yourself up to speed on data slowdowns. If you’re a DBA or an executive looking to improve performance and prepare for high traffic events, this is a must-read!

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by Dawn Heiberg via Percona Database Performance Blog


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