Grab Your Percona Swag – For Free!

Percona Swag

Would you like to get the latest in Percona gear 100% free, shipped to you anywhere in the world? Maybe that sounds too good to be true, but it’s true!  It’s easy and takes as little as 20 minutes to earn your swag. Here are some examples of the swag items you can claim:

Percona Swag

So what’s the catch? Percona software products are now listed on four online software directories, but our listings are too new to have accumulated many user reviews. We need reviews!

So our offer is simple. You write one review, you pick one Percona swag item. You write two reviews, you pick two. Seven reviews, pick seven pieces of swag, our limit. But you must post your reviews by November 15, 2020!

Any meaningful review earns swag, be it positive, negative, or mixed. Write whatever you believe; only write something! There’s no swag for a review that gives a rating but says nothing at all or nothing meaningful, so make those reviews count!

Here’s where to post reviews:

Product Capterra   G2           TrustRadius   SourceForge
Percona Monitoring and Management Capterra G2 TrustRadius SourceForge
Percona Server For MySQL Capterra G2 TrustRadius SourceForge
Percona XtraDB Cluster Capterra G2 TrustRadius SourceForge
Percona XtraBackup Capterra G2 TrustRadius SourceForge
Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL n/a G2 TrustRadius SourceForge
Percona Backup for MongoDB n/a G2 TrustRadius SourceForge
Percona Server for MongoDB n/a n/a TrustRadius SourceForge
Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster n/a G2 TrustRadius SourceForge

You can review several different products and post them on one site, or you can write one product review and post it on multiple sites.  Or post any combination of reviews, up to a max of seven.  The more reviews you post, the more the swag delivered to your home address for free, courtesy of Percona.

To claim your swag, write to <>.  Include:

  • Links to each review you posted.
  • Your postal mailing address.
  • Your phone number (for delivery use only, never for marketing)

For t-shirt orders, also state:

  • Color (White, Black, or Blue)
  • Size (Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large)

It’s that simple! Start writing now!

by Daniil Bazhenov via Percona Database Performance Blog