Announcing Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 13

Percona Distribution PostgreSQL

Percona Distribution PostgreSQLPercona is pleased to announce the release of Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 13. This release is available for immediate download and includes all of the latest features of PostgreSQL 13 Core Distribution.

Reduce Resource Usage

This release includes enhancements to existing features that deliver a more streamlined and optimized environment, helping you to reduce overall resource usage. This includes minimizing bloat with parallel Vacuum, which helps the Vacuum process to run more quickly and efficiently, improving the use of storage and improving performance. Deduplication of B-Tree indexes also helps save storage space by reducing the amount of storage needed for indexes. It also uses resources more efficiently during query with additional opportunities to benefit from partition enhancements. This means that your query processes less data and frees up resources.

Improve Response Times

With enhancements that deliver more efficient use of indexes and smarter sorting capabilities, you can expect better overall performance and improved response times. This includes incremental sort which avoids sorting data that has already been sorted and delivering query results faster.  New partition wise joins break down a join between partitioned tables into joins between their partitions, resulting in smaller data volumes being processed more quickly. Improvements to GiST, SP-GiST, and GIN indexes, provide overall performance improvement and speed up query processing. There are also some new PostgreSQL commands and authentication changes.

Additionally, we are including a technical preview of pg_stat_monitor, a custom extension written by Percona.  This extension gathers and aggregates query performance data, enabling better and faster query analysis. It can be used alone, but its capabilities are best used when combined with the latest release of Percona Monitoring and Management. This enables you to easily analyze your PostgreSQL queries, using the pg_stat_monitor metrics, to quickly identify and remedy issues with scaling, bottlenecks, and potential outages.

Percona is also planning to extend our Managed Services offerings to include PostgreSQL early next year. This means that you will be able to have your MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Maria DB databases all managed by a single source. As always, we continue to provide support for these open-source database products and offer professional consulting and training services.

For more details on PostgreSQL 13, check out the release notes from PostgreSQL. To learn more about Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL, check out our release notes.

To provide feedback on the technical preview of pg_stat_monitor or its integration with Percona Monitoring and Management, visit the Percona Community Forum. Bugs should be submitted through Jira.

Download Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL

Download Percona Monitoring and Management

by Rick Golba via Percona Database Performance Blog