Percona Announces Updates to MongoDB Solutions

Percona MongoDB Updates

Percona MongoDB UpdatesOn August 26, 2020, Percona announced the latest release of Percona Distribution for MongoDB which includes new releases of Percona Backup for MongoDB 1.3, now with Point in Time Recovery and Percona Server for MongoDB 4.4. These new releases include several key features:

Percona Backup for MongoDB

Point in Time Recovery

Percona Backup for MongoDB now provides Point in Time Recovery (PITR). With PITR, an administrator can recover the entire replica set to a specific timestamp. Along with taking backup snapshots users can enable Incremental Backup. By doing this, you capture the Oplog 24/7 for each replica set (including those in clusters) to the same storage you use to store backup snapshots.

This is especially important in cases of data corruption. PITR enables you to reset the system to a time before the offending incident occurred, thus restoring the environment to a healthy state. For example, if you drop an important collection at 2020-08-24T11:05:30, you can restore the environment to 2020-08-24T11:05:29 to recover as much data as possible before the damage occurred.

Percona Server for MongoDB

  • Refine Shard Keys
    With the ability to extend your shard keys, you are no longer stuck with a potentially bad decision made early in your implementation. By extending the shard key, you enable data restructuring with no downtime.
  • Hashed Compound Shard Keys
    Hash-provided simple distribution across shards is now available for compound shard keys as well as single-field ones.
  • Mirrored Reads
    This option pre-warms the cache of secondary replicas to reduce the impact of primary elections following an outage or after planned maintenance.
  • Hedged Reads
    To improve tail latency guarantees during times of heavy load, you can send reads to two replica set members at once and use the faster response. Only available when using a cluster, and using a read preference other than the default of “primary”.
  • New Aggregation Operators
    Providing a better way to do MapReduce.

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by Rick Golba via Percona Database Performance Blog