Share Your Database Market Insight by Completing Percona’s Annual Survey

Percona Open Source Survey 2020

Percona Open Source Survey 2020Share your knowledge and experience to help inform the open source community!

In 2019, we ran our first ever Open Source Data Management Software Survey, resulting in some interesting data on the state of the open source database market.

Some notable statistics included:

  • 90% of survey respondents use more than one database technology in their work environment and 85% of respondents use more than one open source database technology
  • 38% of respondents use more than one cloud deployment, with single or multiple providers
  • Respondents were eight times more likely to adopt an open license than the alternative
  • 62% of respondents use open source software to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Over 50% of survey respondents run some of their workloads in the public cloud

We found this information so interesting that we decided to run the survey annually, and compare the results year over year. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the launch of our 2020 Open Source Data Management Software Survey.

The final results will be 100% anonymous and made freely available on our website and via Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike (CC BY-SA).

We Believe Access to Accurate Market Data Is Important

Millions of open source projects are currently running, and most are dependent on databases. Up-to-date market data helps people track the popularity of different databases, and see how and where these databases are run. This information helps us build better software and take advantage of shifting trends.

We want to help companies who are deciding which database or tool to use, and how and where to run their systems. Accurate information helps these businesses understand industry direction and make informed decisions on the software and services they choose.

How Can You Help This Survey Succeed?

First, we would love you to share your insight into current trends and new developments in open source data management software.

Second, we hope you will share this survey with other people who work with, and use open source database software, and encourage them to contribute.

The more responses we receive, the more useful this will be to the open source community. If there is anything we missed, or you would like to ask in the future, we welcome your feedback.

The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete. Have your say here:


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by Rachel Pescador via Percona Database Performance Blog