Fire Erupts Again at Scene of Deadly Indian Blaze

A fire erupted Monday in the same factory where a deadly blaze erupted the day before in India's capital. 

It was not immediately clear if people were injured in the new fire. 

Forty-three people were killed in a fire in the building Sunday - the worst fire in New Delhi in over two decades. 

Firemen fought the blaze Sunday, which broke out overnight with most inhabitants asleep, from 100 meters away as the alleys around the building were too narrow for trucks to enter.

The fire broke out in Sadar Bazaar - the city's largest wholesale market for household goods where electrical wires are strung all across narrow alleys of factories, shops, and apartments.

A preliminary probe into the fire suggested a short circuit triggered the tragedy, Indian news outlet PTI reported.

The building's owner, Rihan, who goes by one name, has been arrested as authorities probe possible failures to meet fire safety clearances.

by via Voice of America - English