Fonda Arrested for Third Week in a Row in Climate Protests

U.S. actress and activist Jane Fonda has been arrested for the third week in a row while leading a climate change protest outside the U.S. Capitol. 
Fonda, 81, was arrested Friday alongside fellow activist and actor Ted Danson, 71. 
Fonda's arrests are part of her "Fire Drill Fridays," a civil disobedience campaign to raise awareness about climate change. 
"We have to behave like our house is on fire, because it is," Fonda told demonstrators, referencing a phrase used by Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish climate activist. "I'm inspired by Greta Thunberg. … It's so important that we help people understand that this crisis is urgent." 
Police said they arrested 32 protesters Friday for unlawfully demonstrating outside the Capitol. 
Last week, Fonda was arrested alongside actor Sam Waterston, who co-stars with Fonda in the TV series Grace and Frankie. 
Fonda, who is planning another demonstration next Friday, is best known outside her TV and film roles for her activism against the Vietnam War. 
Danson is also known for his advocacy and in 1987 founded the American Oceans Campaign, which today is known as the nonprofit Oceana. 

by via Voice of America - English