How to Open MHT Files

The easiest way to open MHT files is to use a web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox (with the Mozilla Archive Format extension).

You can also view an MHT file in Microsoft Word and WPS Writer.

HTML editors can open MHT files too, like WizHtmlEditor and BlockNote.

A text editor can open MHT files as well but since the file might also include non-text items (like images), you won't be able to see those objects in the text editor.

Note: Files ending in the .MHTML file extension are Web Archive files too and are interchangeable with EML files. This means that an email file can be renamed to a Web Archive file and opened in a browser and the Web Archive file can be renamed to an email file to be displayed within an email client.

A file with the .MHT file extension is an MHTML Web Archive file that can hold HTML files, images, animation, audio, and other media content. Unlike HTML files, MHT files are not restricted to holding just text content.

MHT files are often used as a convenient way to archive a web page because all the content for the page can be gathered into a single file, unlike when you view an HTML web page that only includes links to images and other content stored in other locations.


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