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[HDGEM] Diagonal Difference java solution Example

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[HDGEM] How to get input using Java scanner with example

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[HDGEM] Page speed diagnostics

Use this tool to analyze your page's performance in Firefox.Moz Crawl Test
Summarize your redirects to see if there are areas where you can reduce the number of redirects you are using.PageSpeed
Get browser extensions from Google for both Firefox and Chrome to help you identify issues that are slowing down your site.YSlow
This Firefox add-on features a grading system to help you quickly see how well your site is performing and offer insight on how to improve your site speed. It needs to be used in conjunction with
Get a quick report of how a page is performing.

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[HDGEM] Azure and AWS for multicloud solutions

As the leading public cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) each offer businesses a broad and deep set of capabilities with global coverage.

Yet many organizations choose to use both platforms together for greater choice and flexibility, as well as to spread their risk and dependencies with a multicloud approach. Consulting companies and software vendors might also build on and use both Azure and AWS, as these platforms represent most of the cloud market demand.

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[HDGEM] Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure includes a CDN service in their offering.

The Azure CDN service uses the networks of Akamai and Edgecast, though it is fully integrated with the cloud platform and offered under the Azure brand.  Because the CDN service is offered as a part of the larger Azure IaaS ecosystem, it is easy-to-use for businesses who already use the platform. Other CDNs can be used in combination with Azure products as well, for example with their storage solution.

Azure is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, and next to a CDN they offer storage solutions, data management, compute and networking. Their IaaS solution is similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Compute Engine (GCE). Just like Google, Azure offers free credit to first-time users of the platform to help them get started.

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[HDGEM] Cloudfront is a CDN by Amazon, which can be used on a stand-alone basis, or in combination with other Amazon web products.

Cloudfront CDN integrates very well with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and is often used in combination with their storage solution Amazon S3.
Amazon Cloudfront offers on-demand, no-commitment pricing plans which can be found on their website. The pricing overview of Cloudfront is slightly complex; customers should be aware that the unit prices for bandwidth and requests differ per region.

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[HDGEM] Google Apps Script, the Javascript-in-the-cloud solution

Google Apps Script, the Javascript-in-the-cloud solution that gives developers programmatic access to authorized G Suite data along with the ability to connect to other Google and external services.

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[HDGEM] G Suite Developer sessions at Next

Next 2017 is around the corner with over 200 sessions aimed at developers including you, our favorite G Suite Developers. So if you're looking to leverage Apps Script to automate internal processes, get hands-on with App Maker, or are an ISV looking to integrate with flagship G Suite products, check out our full schedule.Learn more

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How to Install Oracle Java to Linux

Download java package from oracle and install it.

(See: How to download JDK directly from Oracle from command line)

for RedHat/CentOS/Fedora, the location of the installation is /usr/java/latest

$ sudo -i alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /usr/java/latest/bin/java 1

1 is for the priority.

for Ubuntu:

$ sudo -i update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /home/i88ca/Downloads/jdk1.8.0_05/bin/java 1

You can put "" if you have special character, such as:

$ sudo -i update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java "/home/i88ca/Downloads/jdk1.8.0_05/bin/java" 1

Run the alternatives program again, to choose the new installation
for RedHat:

$ sudo -i alternatives --config java
for Ubuntu:

$ sudo update-alternatives --config java
Verify that you are getting the right version of Java

$ java -version

You may want to configure javac too, just do similar as above, change java to corresponding javac of course.

[HDGEM] If you're not using Google Photos

if you're not using Google Photos, trust me, you're missing out. It has easily become, with Maps, one of my favorite Google

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[HDGEM] New Apple MacBook Pros — which cost $1,500 to $2,800, depending on the model

The new laptops are faster, much thinner and lighter than the previous generation They have about 10 hours of battery life. The Touch Bar's virtual buttons transform depending on the app you are using, unlocking the potential for software makers to create custom shortcuts.

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[HDGEM] Apple announced that its huge new headquarters building in Cupertino, Calif., would be completed in April.

Apple has named the new campus Apple Park, and it has named the campus auditorium after Jobs. The building will house 12,000 employees.

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[HDGEM] Google Chrome has around 71% share of browser usage

Many of the most useful browser extensions out there have been built with Google Chrome in mind.

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[HDGEM] How to import key or database file into miniKeepass or KeePass Touch

Touch the file in for example Dropbox
Then choose Export

 Then choose 'Open in...'
 You see  miniKeepass or KeePass Touch ( You won't see them if you didn't choose 'Open in ...')

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[HDGEM] How to fix Peek: The recording area is all black, how can I record anything?

If the recording area is not showing the content behind Peek you have probably compositing disabled in your window manager. Peek requires compositing in order to make the Peek window transparent. Please consult your window manager's documentation how to enable compositing.

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[HDGEM] KGif is a teeny-tiny tool that creates an animated gif from the active window on your Linux desktop.

To get started download or save the script from GitHub. Place it in your Home folder (or a scripts folder, and then cd into its location). To use KGif run it from the Terminal using: ./ Naturally you might not be ready to start recording. You can use a delay value to specify how long (in seconds) the script should wait before it starts capturing. E.g.: delay=7 ./ The output is saved in the same folder, where it is named 'terminal.gif', and all the accrued .png images are deleted automatically.

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[HDGEM] If GIF is so bad why use it at all?

While GIF is a very old format, it has seen some rise in usage again in recent years. One reason is its easy usage in the Web. GIF files are supported nearly everywhere, which means you can add animations easily to everywhere where you can upload images. With real video files you are still more limited.

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[HDGEM] Peek is an Animated GIF Screen Recorder Tool for Linux

Peek only works with X11 and is targeted at GNOME 3. That said, it should work just dandy in Unity so long as you don't have Locally Integrated Menus enabled.

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[HDGEM] How to install Peek on Ubuntu using PPA

You can add and install from the official Peek PPA on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above by adding the following package archive to your software sources:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:peek-developers/stablesudo apt update && sudo apt install peek Using the PPA mentioned above is probably the easiest way to get the update.

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[HDGEM] How to clear JPA 2nd level cache

You can clear JPA 2nd level cache with: em.getEntityManagerFactory().getCache().evictAll(); You can also evict individual objects with the evict(java.lang.Class cls, java.lang.Object primaryKey) call: em.getEntityManagerFactory().getCache().evict(theClass, thePrimaryKey);

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[HDGEM] How to fix glassfish error – “Exception while loading the app : Error in linking security policy

Stop glassfish server.
Remove glassfish cache

rm -rf $GLASSFISH_HOME/glassfish/domains/domain1/generated/*
rm -rf $GLASSFISH_HOME/glassfish/domains/domain1/osgi-cache/*
rm -rf $GLASSFISH_HOME/glassfish/domains/domain1/applications/*

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[HDGEM] IT Generalist roles

IT Generalistroles have responsibilities divided among server systems and network infrastructure, multiple-user line-of-business applications and databases, and desktop/end-user support or training. 
These roles work with business clients and vendors to understand user needs and provide the right technology, in addition to concerns related to keeping systems up and running, security, and backup and recovery. May be the unofficial IT person.

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[HDGEM] Azure DocumentDB: ODBC driver now generally available

The Azure DocumentDB ODBC driver is now generally available, so you can renormalize data in DocumentDB, analyze the data, and create reports using BI and analytics solutions like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. To learn more about this driver, please visit the Connect to DocumentDB using BI analytics tools with the ODBC driver documentation webpage.

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[HDGEM] How to get a list of domains on cPanel server

On cPanel servers /etc/domainusers will list each cPanel account and its main domain, but this is not every domain on the server.  

/etc/userdomains will list every domain on a server, but it will also include sub-domains, which you may or may not consider relevant depending on your use case for such a list.

# cat /etc/domainusers | sort# cat /etc/userdomains | sort

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[HDGEM] How to fix: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.logging.log4j.LogManager

org.apache.log4j.LogManager is a class from log4j 1.2 (not log4j2).

You can just add log4j-1.2.17.jar  and

They can co-exists with log4j2.

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[HDGEM] How to fix: ClassNotFoundException: javax.mail.MessagingException

Add the dependency:


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[HDGEM] How to fix: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.logging.log4j.ThreadContext.getThreadContextMap()

Check whether an older version of the log4j-api module is also on the classpath and it is loaded before the newer version.

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[HDGEM] How to run Maven in offline mode

Running maven offline with -o
For example:

mvn clean install -o

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[HDGEM] How to exclude dependency in Apache Maven

Using Apache Maven, dependencies can be globally excluded in your project like so: <dependencies><dependency><groupId>log4j</groupId><artifactId>log4j</artifactId><version>1.2.17</version><scope>provided</scope></dependency></dependencies> Dependencies can be explicitly excluded for specific dependencies as well. For example, to use a project with Log4j 2 instead of Log4j 1.x: <dependencies><dependency><groupId>com.example</groupId><artifactId>example-project</artifactId><version>1.0</version><exclusions><exclusion><groupId>log4j</groupId><artifactId>log4j</artifactId></exclusion><exclusion><groupId>org.slf4j</groupId><artifactId>slf4j-log4j12</artifactId></exclusion></exclusions></dependency><dependency><groupId>org.apache.logging.log4j</groupId><artifactI…

[HDGEM] Amazon Chime is a modern, fully-managed communications service from AWS

Amazon Chime makes it easy for you to communicate with people inside and outside your organization using voice, video, and chat.  With Amazon Chime, online meetings are easier and more efficient, crystal clear audio and high definition video keep you focused on the discussion, and the service is designed to work seamlessly across desktops and mobile devices. Because Amazon Chime is a managed service that runs on AWS, it doesn't require you to deploy or maintain complex infrastructure and software. And you benefit from the security that comes with a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

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[HDGEM] How to get curl windows binary with sftp/libssh support

There are two packages you need to download:

cURL with SSH2, SSL and SSPIOpenSSL

Make sure you down load curl of the version with

Downloading OpenSSL for Windows

We need to get two files from each ZIP archive and put them into the one directory.
From the cURL download, find:


From the OpenSSL package:


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[HDGEM] How to fix: curl: (9) Upload failed: Permission denied (3/-31)

When uploading files, curl needs full target path

So instead of

curl.exe --insecure  -T test.txt s

append the full path, for example, to the user's home directory:

curl.exe --insecure  -T test.txt s

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[HDGEM] How to fix: Error 'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

If a directory has spaces in, put quotes around it. This includes the program you're calling, not just the arguments

C:\Users\Administrator>C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\psftp
'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Users\Administrator>"C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\psftp"
psftp: no hostname specified; use "open" to connect

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[HDGEM] The maximum number of ports that can be used by the Virtual IP (VIP) or an instance-level public IP (PIP) is 64,000.

This is a TCP standard limitation.

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[HDGEM] Azure Load Balancer delivers high availability and network performance to your applications.

It is a Layer 4 (TCP, UDP) load balancer that distributes incoming traffic among healthy instances of services defined in a load-balanced set.

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[HDGEM] Azure Load Balancer uses a hash-based distribution algorithm.

By default, it uses a 5-tuple hash composed of source IP, source port, destination IP, destination port, and protocol type to map traffic to available servers. It provides stickiness only within a transport session. Packets in the same TCP or UDP session will be directed to the same instance behind the load-balanced endpoint. When the client closes and reopens the connection or starts a new session from the same source IP, the source port changes. This may cause the traffic to go to a different endpoint in a different datacenter.

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[HDGEM] Google Cloud Endpoints is a truly distributed API gateway.

Google Cloud Endpoints features a server-local proxy (the Extensible Service Proxy) and is built on the same services that Google uses to power its own APIs. For developers building applications and microservices on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Cloud Endpoints is the best-suited modern API gateway that helps secure and monitor their APIs.

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[HDGEM] Selenium is a browser automation library. Most often used for testing web-applications

Selenium may be used for any task that requires automating interaction with the browser.

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[HDGEM] selenium is a very powerful automation testing tool.

Selenium is a web based application testing tool.  This tool can be widely used for compatibility, functional, regression and user acceptance testing.Open source toolSupport multiple programming language such as C#, JAVA, Perl etc.Work on different platform such as Linux, Mac OS and Windows.Pillar of supporting several browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.)

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[HDGEM] How to access Gmail from inbox

Open Inbox by Gmail and goto Settings > Other > Untick Redirect Gmail to

Or Go to the main menu in the top-left Main menu, and click Gmail

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[HDGEM] Turn redirect setting on or off between Gmail and Inbox

Open Inbox on a computer.In the top left, go to the Menu .Scroll to the bottom and choose Settings Other.Check or uncheck the box for Redirect Gmail to

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[HDGEM] Keyboard shortcuts of Gmail

EverywherecCompose/SearchiGo to inboxqOpen Hangouts and focus the search boxhOpen Hangouts and focus the conversation listtCreate reminderShiftbFocus on notificationShiftmOpen main menuzUndo last actionChat and ComposeShiftEscFocus latest chat or composeShiftEscFocus main window (while in chat or compose)Ctrl.Advance to next chat or composeCtrl,Advance to previous chat or compose

[HDGEM] Jira default issue types

Bug — A problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product.
Improvement — An enhancement to an existing feature.
New Feature — A new feature of the product.
Task — A task that needs to be done.
Custom Issue — A custom issue type, as defined by your organisation if required.

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[HDGEM] JIRA issues are the core of the JIRA applications since all the team collaboration happens around the work items and their organization.

An issue represents an action that has to be done. That action can be a task, a bug, a feature request or any type of action your organization might need to work with.

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[HDGEM] Azure DocumentDB is Microsoft's multi-tenant, globally distributed database system designed to enable developers to build planet scale applications.

DocumentDB allows you to elastically scale both throughput and storage across any number of geographical regions. The service offers guaranteed low latency at P99 - 99.99% high availability, predictable throughput, and multiple well-defined consistency models – all backed by comprehensive enterprise-level SLAs. By virtue of its schema-agnostic and write optimized database engine, by default DocumentDB is capable of automatically indexing all the data it ingests and serve SQL, MongoDB, and JavaScript language-integrated queries in a scale-independent manner.

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[HDGEM] Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center makes Azure the only public cloud platform to offer continuous security-health monitoring

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[HDGEM] Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

Microsoft makes security a priority at every step, from code development to incident response. Azure code development adheres to Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) - a software development process that helps developers build more secure software and address security compliance requirements while reducing development cost. 

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[HDGEM] Module bundlers like browserify or webpack

The nice thing about module bundlers like browserify or webpack is they combine all your required dependencies into a single file, so it's easy to load it.

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