67-Year-Old Becomes China's Oldest New Mother

A 67-year-old retired Chinese doctor has given birth in Zaozhuang city, the hospital announced Monday.

The woman, identified only by her last name, Tian, delivered a healthy girl by Caesarean section on Friday, possibly becoming China's oldest new mother.

"The child was bestowed on the two of us by heaven," Tian's 68-year-old husband, identified as Huang, told Chinese news site guancha.cn.

The baby weighed 2.56 kilograms at birth.

The parents told local media that she will be named Tianci, which means "gift sent from heaven."

Tian joins a number of older Chinese women trying for another child after Beijing lifted its one-child policy in 2016.

The couple already has two adult children, including a son born two years before the one-child policy was adopted in 1979. It is not known if the couple will face consequences for breaking the new two-child rule.

Local media speculated that the delivery makes Tian the oldest woman to give birth in China. The previous record was held by a 64-year-old who gave birth to a boy in 2016.

In September, 73-year-old Errant Mangy gave birth to twin girls conceived through in vitro fertilization in southern India. She is believed to be the world's oldest new mother.

by via Voice of America - English